We are a national, industry-minded, ever-learning and evolving company. We provide crafted, authentic services and collaborative opportunities that positively impact our clients, crew and our communities. We think big beyond simply first aid or advanced medical capacity. We inhabit an intersection of experience, design, science, and luck. We are passionately committed to contributing to the emerging art and science of event medicine.

Odyssey has curated some of the top talent in 'event medicine' from across Canada! Our Crew members are our greatest assets and we are are ALWAYS ready to welcome great new clinicians, operators, field responders, unit clerks, general volunteers, communications experts, social media leads and much, much more. The mix of people on the team and the huge diversity in skill-sets is what makes Odyssey's team epic!

Check out some of the great opportunities we have available for the 2018 Summer Event Season! Each year, we have a select number of paid positions based on our needs across Canada. If you do not find a posting below that fits your resume, don't stress! Our Volunteer Program is open to everyone and offers a variety of exciting opportunities to get hands on experience and the chance to develop your skills!

If you have further inquiries about our hiring process, please connect with our HR Team at hr@odysseymedical.ca.

Our Volunteer and Crew Care Team

  • Robyn Chechak

    Business and HR Manager, National

  • Amanda Parlett

    Event Operations Manager, National

  • Elora Martin

    Event Operations Coordinator, British Columbia

  • Heather Johnson

    Event Operations Manager, Ontario